special measuring cell with MHZ transducer - standing waves

300 kHz special transducer for high temp.

ca. 300 kHz transducer
ca. 300 kHz transducer

combination ultrasound MFG multifrequenz system and plasma. pos effects, the trial series is going.

pic: INP Greifswald

newest glas laboratory reactors with cooling jacket - 250 ml - 1500 ml

ESS 17 Conference -



VA Reactor


with inlet/outlet,

modularly expandable

Spring 2022

A special transducer with 300-1000 kHz will be delivered to North America,
Further deliveries will be made to India and to INP Greifsfald/Germany.

Special design

40 kHz transducer with universal flange


August 2020
The UvPaa network project Fish Farm Wastewater with AWI and Geomar is coming to an end,

the results are promising.


Despite Corona, production and development continued -
in June/July, multi-frequency systems were delivered to France and Australia.
The 3rd generation of the multifrequency system is under development,

first tests have been carried out.


January 2020


20 units consisting of a 35 kHz ultrasonic bath with heating and a 20 kHz sonotrode laboratory unit with 200 Watt, we have delivered to a university in Great Britain.


Oct. 2019 - News from the project:

The wastewater treatment plant is ready. Our multi-frequency systems are integrated in the air-conditioned control cabinet. The transducers were placed on the stainless steel reactor.

We participate in numerous national and international congresses and fairs and continuously expand our ultrasound systems including new fields of application.

Since 2018 Dr. rer. nat Martin Ecke our team, as a chemist he has many years of experience in sonochemistry.



A new joint project - funded by the BMBF - was start in September 2018 and
runs until 2021. We look forward to u.a. the fish farming our experiences and
Allowed to use multi-frequency technology.
Our partners are AIMES GmbH and the renowned GEOMAR Kiel Institute as well as the ALFRED-WEGENER-Institut Bremerhaven.