Ultrasonic high power bath 5/805/T

with a transducer in a plan Titan-construction

The enormous concentration of sound is a result of the special combination between super piezo-ceramics and Titan-forming "UST-Y8".

In the middle of bath, the ultrasound intensity reaches a concentration up to 400 W/cm².

The transducer operates at the frequency of 850 kHz, which is the optimal working frequency for sonochemical applications and research (Thi is a long-term result of our 55 years experience of producing power ultrasound equipment).

This ultrasonic bath has a volume of 346 cm³ and is equipped with a double glass cylinder and cooling jackets.

Both continuous and pulsed operation (contradictory against heat) are possible.

The high power bath 5/805/T is delivered
the 120 W-HF-Generator K 8.