Ultrasonic transducer E/805/T02

Flanged with glass laborathory reactor 02 to the new delivery unit E/805/T/
Flanged with glass laborathory reactor 02 to the new delivery unit E/805/T/

This ultrasound generator E/805/T produces ultrasound waves of a frequency of 850 kHz in continuous or pulse operation.

This ultrasonic transmitter E/805/T is operable with continuous sound or with impulse sound.  The unique engineering of the high speed sound generator E/805/T (material V4A/1.4571/titan) with standard flange connection DN 60 imakes it possible to “flange” this ultrasonic transducer to vessels, pipes, reactors and boilers. One can also use it as an “Immersion sound generator” (up to 20 bar).

Economically efficient use of this apparatus is entirely possible using impulse sound, for example in case of continuous operation when applied in industry.

Furthermore, it can be used to research in synthetic, destructive and constructive chemistry, for working with organic and inorganic compounds for physico-chemical and biochemical treatment or for the production of aerosols, emulsions, dispersions, hydrogenations and for special purifications/cleanings.
In this case, the high energy density of the frequency of 850 kHz (bundled sound) on the radiation diaphragm made of titan is a great advantage.

With regard to reactions, neither impairing the biosphere nor influence sonic frequency-dependent boundary surface transportation, the high frequency of 850 kHz is more effective than ultrasonic frequency of 20, 40, 60 kHz.

Apart from that, the high-power-ultrasound generator E/805/T can be employed to destroy organic harmful substances and to destroy polymeres.

Overlaps between impulse control and sound field overlaps can be applied with regards to our HF-generator K8; in the case of phase-transfer-catalysis and when you want to destroy high molecular chains.